Community Projects

JLC Community Project Information & History: 

Since 1923, the Junior League of Charleston has worked to address the needs of our community. Since our inception, we have raised and invested millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of manpower hours in positively impacting these needs. Every year, non-profit agencies in Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston counties are asked to submit project proposals for consideration. The proposals must require both a volunteer and a financial component. The proposals are screened by a Community Project Development (CPD) committee who makes final project recommendations to the membership. The League members then vote on the projects for the upcoming year.

Ideally, the Junior League partners with a non-profit to establish a program and provide stability during the initial years. The League strives to turn over the funding and operations of successful programs to the community partner, giving the League the opportunity to work with other community service agencies and to develop new programs to address community needs. Two such successful League-established programs include the Charleston Speech and Hearing Center and the Lowcountry Children's Center.

Junior League of Charleston fund-raisers fully fund all of the League projects. The amount of budgeted project money varies slightly from year to year depending on the proceeds from the fund-raisers. On average, $75,000 is placed into community projects on an annual basis.

Community Projects – Description and Selection Criteria

The proposed project should:

  1. Combat hunger and homelessness in one or more of the communities in Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester counties.
  2. Have a project goal that requires both significant volunteer participation from League members and a monetary contribution from the League.
  3. Involve well-defined volunteer opportunities that will be performed and funded within a specific time frame, commencing no sooner than June 1, 2014, and ending no later than May 31, 2015.
  4. Provide for collaboration between the Junior League of Charleston, Inc., and one or more registered 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations in good standing with the Office of the South Carolina  Secretary of State.
  5. Detail a project plan that includes:
    1. Specific details of how the proposed project will combat hunger and homelessness
    2. Goals and Objectives of the project
    3. Anticipated tasks needed to accomplish those goals
    4. Benchmarks for measuring the impact of the project
    5. A thorough budget encompassing all aspects of the project, as well as additional revenue requirements above the Junior League’s commitment and anticipated sources of that additional revenue
    6. A project timeline
    7. A specific person or team of people in your organization who will work with a Junior League representative to organize and implement the project, and who will provide assessment of the project to the Junior League
    8. A copy of your organization’s most recent audited financial statement
    9. A brief summary statement of past projects undertaken in collaboration with the Junior League of Charleston, if any
    10. A brief summary statement regarding your organization’s experience in other collaborations with local nonprofits, including how those experiences have affected your expectations for future partnerships
    11. What your organization expects the Junior League of Charleston to bring to this project

Proposals may be submitted:

  • electronically to
  • by fax to (843)763-1626  
  • or by mail to Community Project Development, Junior League of Charleston, Inc., 51 Folly Road, Charleston, SC 29407.

Questions regarding community projects or the application process should be directed to