Additional Leadership

Nominating Committee

Liz Dove Slade, Director

     Beth Meredith 

Diana Braunbeck 

Elizabeth West Johnson 

Heather Sanders 

Lexie Jesup 

Rogan Saal 

Sallie Robinson

Sustainer Committee

Chris Brown, Chair

Julie Dunn 

Caryn Vedane, Asst. Chair 

Cathy Nixon Heibel 

Shannon Gillespie
Sustainer Transfer Chair

Shelley Julian 

Amy Jenkins
Sustainer Advisor to the Board 

Mary Muller 

Dorothy Thaxton
Sustainer Coordinator

Susan Ralston 

Emmie Hershey
2013-14 League President 

Patty Quentel 

Pattie Aubey

DeAnna Moss 

Natalie Bluestein 

Mary Kate Valluzzo 

Betsy Clawson

Ann Webb 

Angela Drake 

Kate McClain Yeager