Lowcountry Orphan Relief (March 2015): 

We have loved partnering with Junior League of Charleston over the past few years!  Junior League volunteers are always hard workers and such a joy to work with.  The many hours of dedicated volunteers have help Lowcountry Orphan Relief serve more a children in the lowcountry than ever before!  We wouldn't be able to help as many hurting children without the support of Junior League of Charleston.  From countless hours of volunteering to the many donations (in-kind & financial), Junior League has been a crucial part of Lowcountry Orphan Relief.  We hope to see this partnership grow and build many more friendships with JLC members blossom!

East Cooper Meals on Wheels

The volunteer group also collected 1,000 pounds of food for the project.

Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center

"Thank you for your donation of $35,000 dollars in recognition of the 20th Anniversary of the Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center (DNLCC).  This Founder's Gift supports the DNLCC mission to keep children safe from abuse, and when abuse occurs to work with our community to bring healing to these children and their families."  Click here to read full text.

Lowcountry Food Bank (November 2010)

"On behalf of the Lowcountry Food Bank, i want to thank you and all the other members of the Junior League for your recent contribution.  With the help of people like you, we are on target to distribute 18 million pounds of food this year to needy children, families, and the elderly throughout the Lowcountry.

You have made a positive difference in many lives.  Your donation of 288 pounds of food will provide 222 meals for the many people in the ten coastal counties of South Carolina who are in need.  You have given breakfast to hungry children, helped working parents who struggle simply to put food on the table, or provided a healthy meal for home-bound seniors.  All depend on the Lowcountry Food Bank and its network of more than 300 faith-based and nonprofit emergency feeding programs."

Amy Kosar
Food Solicitor, LCFB

Community Days a Great Success

I wanted to let the Jr. League administrators know what a wonderful job the Gibbes committee did this past year.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the girls.  It was wonderful to not only receive grant money, but the help at each Community Day.  I could not have done it without the volunteers.  Well, I could have but it would have been much more stressful!

I would love to see some of the same girls on next year's committee.  I think the consistency would aid in Community Days beign successful!

Again, thank you to the Jr. League for their help both monetary and through helping hands.

Rebecca C. Williams
Education & Outreach Coordinator 


I am so impressed with the strategic refocus.  I loved the focus group-as a result I received 3 emails from representatives of other nonprofits as a follow up to collaboration and other issues.  It was great to have so many other groups in a room and to talk about issues that are important to all of us and the populations we serve.  Well done JL! Please thank everyone, including yourself!

 Kim Clifton
Executive Director

 "I thoroughly enjoyed my volunteer work at the Florence Crittenton Home. We instructed girl's on lessons for better living for themselves and their unborn babies and taught communication and socialization skills via extra curricular/recreational activities.. My favorite part of my experience was teaching lectures on subjects such as Newborn and Prenatal Nutrition and Dental Health and Hygiene. It was so special to see the girls actively raise their hands to get their questions answered and to see how they began problem solving through possible scenarios that might affect them. It felt great to make a difference in these girl's lives! I know you'll love it there as much as I did!"

- Liz Dove 
   Florence Crittenton Chair 2004-2005

"Every time I left Crisis Ministries, I thanked God for all He has given me: family, friends, a roof over my head, and abundant food on the table.   I am blessed to lead a life where I can work to serve others.  Serving at Crisis Ministries provided me not only an opportunity to serve my community, it gave me an opportunity to pause and examine my own life.  Serving at Crisis Ministries is a humbling experience which causes you to be thankful for all that you have.” 

 - Carol Killough, Saturday Soup Kitchen Chair 2004-2005