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Contributions for the JLC Endowment Fund and the Henrietta F. Gaillard Leadership Fund should be made directly to the Coastal Community Foundation via check to 635 Rutledge Avenue, Suite 201, Charleston, SC 29401.  Payments can also be made on line at Click on the donate now button found on the right side of the page.Once there you will be asked if you want to designate the gift, which is where you will type in “Henrietta Gaillard Leadership Fund" or "JLC Endowment Fund".

You can make the check out to the Coastal Community Foundation Henrietta F. Gaillard Leadership Fund or Coastal Community Foundation JLC Endowment Fund, or make the check payable to the Coastal Community Foundation and note the name of the Fund in the memorandum line.
Feel free to contact the League Office at 763-5284 or the Coastal Community Foundation at 723-3635 for further information or questions.

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