Current Leadership

Board of Directors 2019-2020

Beth Bailey
Executive Vice President
Haywood Titchener
President Elect
Beth Meredith
Executive Director
Amy Jenkins
Recording Secretary
Tori Spearman
Meghan Norvell
Director of Nominating
Amy Reynolds
Active Director at Large
Anne Jackson
Active Director at Large
Meredith Clark
Active Director at Large
Lisa Ward
Sustainer Director at Large
Greer Polansky
Sustainer Director at Large
Stephanie Tillerson


Management Team 2019-2020

Executive Vice President Haywood Titchener
VP Communications Meredith Deaner
VP Community Morgan McBride
VP Fundraising Kellie Lawson
VP Finance Taylor Hamilton
VP Membership Lauren Whiteside Mann
VP Placement Julie Anderson
VP Sustainers Jennifer Blumenthal
VP Training Jenn Moyer


Committee Chairs  2019-2020

Government Support Team
DNCAC Board Rep Julie Daniels
League Attorney Kristy Nichols-Cooper

Communications Council
League Editor Jeannie Colson
Cobblestones Chair Casey Vigrass
Cobblestones Asst. Chair Eleanor Leary
League Webmaster Katie Norris
Assistant Webmaster Nicole Garcia
League Graphic Designer Catherine Yaw
Internal/External Communications Chair Lauren Ferguson
Social Media Chair Joanna Catravas

Community Council
Community Project Development Chair Mary Todd
Assistant CPD Chair Amy McArdle
Done-in-a-Day Co-Chairs Stephanie Ramia & Mallory Niller
Charleston Area Seniors Meals on Wheels Chair Ruby McChesney
Charleston Parks Conservancy Kelly Ward
Dee Norton Chair Megan McComas
Diaper Bank Summer Concentration Chair Aimee Sutton
Diaper Bank Summer Concentration Asst. Chair Gwen Dennis
Diaper Bank Chair Elizabeth Curry
Diaper Bank Asst. Chair Ashley Buckner
Habitat for Humanity Co-Chairs Brittany Hahn & Samantha Bray
James Island Outreach Chair Tara Odom
LCFB Backpack Buddies Chair Sarah Davis
Windwood Family Services Heather Crosby

Finance Council
Bridal Boutique Treasurer Kelsey Willey
Financial Oversight Liaison Sarah Paul
Headquarters Chair Elizabeth Heilig
JLC Boutique Treasurer Beth Mintz
Assistant JLC Boutique Treasurer Jessica Hudson

Fundraising Council
Bridal Boutique Chair Jenny Murrie
Asst. Bridal Boutique Chair Sarah Jackson
Fund Development Chairs Brianna Bogan & Lauren Powell Pendarvis
JLC Boutique Chair Blair Crawford
Asst. JLC Boutique Chair Kelsey Gerughty
Touch a Truck Chair Sallie York

Membership Council
Active Transfer Chair Sarah Belaustegui
Member Services Chair Helen Wolfe
Recognition and Recruitment Aris Hanchard
Provisional Class Chair Claire Gatlin
Provisional Class Project Chair Jennifer Bagby
Provisional Fundraising Advisor Maggie Hill

Sustainer Council 
Sustainer Committee Chair Martha Ann Robertson
Sustainer Committee Asst. Chair Tiffany Silverman
Sustainer Transfer Chair Carolyn Smith
Sustainer Fund Development Liasion Natalie Bluestein
Sustainer History Chair Clarissa McKenzie

Training Council
Training Chair Vanessa Beechem
Leadership Institute Chair Stephanie Pratt
Asst. Leadership Institute Chair Ashley Heineck
Mentor Program Chair B.V. Messervy
Mentor Program Asst. Chair Jennifer Coffey
JLC Academy Chair Deirdre Ostrander
Asst. JLC Academy Chair Ruh Grooms
Arrangements Chair Brittany Gorman


Nominating Committee

Amy Reynolds – Director
Holly Hamilton
Liz Morris
Sarah Nielsen
Sarah Yandle


Placement Committee

Julie Anderson – VP Placement
Ashley Anderson
Caitlin McGuire
Leslie Haynie
Kelsey Willey