Current Leadership

Board of Directors 2018-2019

Beth Bailey
  Executive Vice President
Haywood Titchener
Recording Secretary
Becca Weil
Cortney Kelman
Director of Nominating
Amy Reynolds
Active Director at Large
Anne Jackson
Active Director at Large
Beth Meredith
Active Director at Large
Lisa Ward
Sustainer Director at Large
Cathy Nixon Heibel
Sustainer Director at Large
Stephanie Tillerson


Management Team 2018-2019

Executive Vice President Haywood Titchener
VP Communications Liz Morris
VP Community Leslie Skinner
VP Fundraising Rebecca Wade
VP Finance Jenna Canitz
VP Membership Courtney Roldan
VP Placement Julie Anderson
VP Sustainers Janice Mullin
VP Training Ann Treat
Management Assistant Lauren Mann


Committee Chairs  2017-2018

Government Support Team
Arrangements Chair Jennifer Small
Headquarters Chair Wendy Crisp Helms
DNLCC Board Rep Julie Daniels
League Attorney Kristy Nichols Cooper

Communications Council
League Editor Catherine Yaw
Cobblestones Chair Katie Biondo
Cobblestones Asst. Chair Lauren Ferguson
League Webmaster Anna Shillman
Assistant Webmaster Amanda Tadlock
League Graphic Designer Katherine Kuszmaul
Internal/External Communications Chair Stephanie Ramia
Social Media Chair Lauren Cushing
Digital Content Admin. Claire Haskew

Community Council
Community Project Development Chair Morgan McBride
Assistant CPD Chair Kate Hampton
Done-in-a-Day Co-Chairs Sarah Davis & Gwen Dennis
Florence Crittenton Chair Emily Bates Whitman
Diaper Bank Advocate Julie Anderson
Diaper Bank Chair Karen Lyon
Diaper Bank Assistant Chair Ryann Carter
Diaper Bank Summer Concentration Chair Cassie Jaffee
Diaper Bank Summer Concentration Asst. Chair Emily Wilhoit
LCFB Backpack Buddies Lauren Powell Pendarvis
Meals on Wheels Taylor Joseph
Habitat for Humanity Ann Pope
Tricounty Family Ministries Christin Austin
Operation Home Ruby Godley

Finance Council
Financial Oversight Liaison Sarah Nielsen
Bridal Boutique Treasurer Carolyn Bates
JLC Boutique Treasurer Karey Wilson
Asst. JLC Boutique Treasurer Taylor Hamilton
JLC Night to Inspire Treasurer Lauren Nilan
Whale of a Sale Treasurer Robbie DeSantes

Fundraising Council
Bridal Boutique Chair Megan Allridge
Asst. Bridal Boutique Chair Caitlin Maguire
Fund Development Chairs Ashley Wendt & Aris Hanchard
JLC Boutique Chair Laura Cole
Asst. JLC Boutique Chair Maggie Ford
JLC Night to Inspire Chair Kellie Lawson
Asst. JLC Night to Inspire Chair Amanda Albright
Whale of a Sale Co-Chairs Alicia Williams & Holland Williams
Whale Sponsor Splash Chair Bethany Tallman
Whale Sponsor Splash Asst. Chair Shannon Young

Membership Council
Active Transfer Chair Lindsay Barksdale
Member Services Chair Rachel Isaac
Recognition and Recruitment Eleanor Leary
Provisional Class Chair Tara Odom
Provisional Class Project Chair Sarah Lewis
Provisional Fundraising Advisor Ashley Anderson

Sustainer Council 
Sustainer Committee Chair Courtney Cavatoni
Sustainer Committee Asst. Chair Elaine Bergmann
Sustainer Transfer Chair Deena Drummond
Sustainer Fund Development Liasion Dolly Lipman

Training Council
History Committee Chair Heather Crosby
Leadership Institute Chair Lauren Polli
Asst. Leadership Institute Chair Kelsey Willey
Mentor Co-Chairs Claire Galtin & Kate Thornton
History Committee Chair Heather Crosby
JLC Academy Chair Kelly Nix
Asst. JLC Academy Chair Elizabeth Player


Nominating Committee

Amy Reynolds – Director
Vanessa Beechem
Holly Hamilton
Jenni Hartley
Ashley Kelley
Casey Vigrass
Helen Wolfe


Placement Committee

Julie Anderson – VP Placement
Meredith Clark
Liz Jones
Beth Mintz
Jenn Moyer
Katie Norris
Jennifer Slater