Current Leadership

Board of Directors 2022-2023

President Meghan Norvell
Executive Vice President Caitlin Young
Recording Secretary Morgan McBride
Treasurer Meredith Deaner
Director of Nominating Julie Anderson
Director of Marketing Katie Norris
Active Director at Large Leslie Haynie
Active Director at Large Laura Cole
Active Director at Large Helen Wolfe
Sustainer Director at Large Betsy Clawson
Sustainer Director at Large Sally Ehrenfried
Sustainer Director at Large, Philanthropy Nancy Muller


Management Team 2022-2023

Executive Vice President Laura Cole
Executive Vice President-Elect Heather Crosby
VP Communications Jeannie Colson
VP Community Ashley MacDonald
VP Fundraising Lauren Powell Pendarvis
VP Finance Karey Wilson
VP Membership Tori Spearman
VP Placement Cassie Jaffe
VP Sustainers Sallie York
VP Training Cara Lowry


Committee Chairs 2022-2023

Governance Support Team 
League Attorney: Aris Ferguson
DNCAC Board Rep: Stephanie Tillerson
Communications Council 
VP Communications: Jeannie Colson
Internal Communications Chair Maggie Ford
External Communications Co-Chair Ellen Rose
External Communications Co-Chair Rebecca Wade
Cobblestones Chair: Lizzie Cook
Cobblestones Asst. Chair: Amanda Fisher
League Graphic Designer: Katie Biondo & Catherine Yaw
League Web Content Specialist: Kendra Murphy
Community Council
VP Community: Ashley MacDonald
Community Project Development Co-Chair: Andi Judt
Community Project Development Asst. Chair: Mallory Haliena
Diaper Bank Chair: Bethany Adamson
Diaper Bank Operations Chair: Kelly Synder
Diaper Bank Operations Co-Chair
Done in a Day Chair: Jenn Hahn
Florence Crittenton Chair: Elizabeth Schock
Done in a Day Operation Home Chair Emma Rizer
Finance Council 
VP of Finance: Karey Wilson
Treasurer: Meredith Deaner
Night to Inspire Treasurer Haywood Titchener
Fundraising Events Treasurer Legare Gresham
JLC Boutique Treasurer: Casey Berry
Fundraising Council 
VP of Fundraising: Lauren Powell Pendarvis
Night to Inspire Co-Chair Rebecca Reed
Night to Inspire Co-Chair Lindsay French
Fundraising Event Co-Chair Parish Felder
Fundraising Event Co-Chair Catherine Armentrout
JLC Boutique Co-Chair Andria Keadle
JLC Boutique Co-Chair Claire Ameen
Stewardship Chair Katie O. Patterson
Membership Council 
VP of Membership: Tori Spearman
Active Transfer Advisor Chair Laura Creech
Membership Engagement Co-Chair Frankie Mohylsky
Membership Engagement Co-Chair Alexis Clark
Active Transfer Advisor Lisa Ward
Active Transfer Advisor Brooke Jackson Kahn
Active Transfer Advisor Brooke Baily
Active Transfer Advisor Katie Stark
New Member Class Chair Dare Snead
New Member Advisor Courtney Vorachek
New Member Advisor Katie Piccininni
New Member Advisor Amanda Albright
Sustainer Council 
VP of Sustainer Council: Sallie York
Sustainer Communications: Adair Roark
Sustainer Transfer Chair: Liz Slade
Nominating Council
Director of Nominating: Julie Anderson
Members: Gwen Dennis
Catherine Yaw
Jenny Murrie
Ruby McChesney
Claire Gaitlin
Maggie Hill
Placement Council 
VP of Placement: Cassie Jaffe
Members: Kim Driffin
Christin Austen
Kristen Wise
Elizabeth Thomas
Joanna Catravas
Melissa McCuaig
Training Council 
VP of Training: Cara Lowry
Training Chair: Jessica W. Hudson
Arrangements Chair: Shawn Bell
Leadership Program Chair: Stephanie Trezise